A Pomelo for a Snack

Every Wednesday Mommy buys fruit.  While she typically only brings back apples, pears, strawberries and the like, she recently came home with a pomelo.

The pomelo, alternately called the 柚子 (pronounced yòu​zi​) in our family,  is a huge, citrus fruit about the size of a small melon (such as a honeydew or cantaloupe).  It’s sweeter than most grapefruits but a bit more tart than the oranges that you typically buy in America.  We used to eat them pretty much every time we had people over or we went to someone’s house, at potlucks, for a snack, etc.  Since we’ve moved back to the US, however, we’ve been unable to find them.  Until now, that is!


Needless to say, we were all pretty excited about it and the pomelo didn’t last long after Daddy peeled it.  It was sweet, juicy, seedless, and everything a pomelo should be.  Don’t you want some?

John’s Birthday

Was yesterday, February 7th.  So this post is just to tell you all about how it went!

First of all, we went to the theater with Uncle Paul to watch THE LEGO MOVIE!  Peter had found out quite a while ago that the film’s premier would be on John’s birthday, so Daddy got tickets and we all went to see it!  It was very fun, and exactly what John wanted.

After the movie, we went home much-inspired to play with Legos and create all sorts of awesome things.  The result?  The boy’s room floor was promptly covered with Lego bricks.  Fun?  Definitely.  Messy?  Obviously, but that’s okay.

After we had been building for a while, Aunt Anna came over and we had dinner.  Fish n’ Chips, which is quite possibly John’s favorite food.  And, of course, followed by cake and ice cream.  (Picture included because I feel like teasing my China friends)

It was so tasty...

It was so tasty…

After dinner it was present time!  He got lots of fun stuff like Legos and chocolate, and John and Daniel enjoyed putting the sets together.  It was a great birthday, even though John is now fourteen, which somehow makes me feel older than just fifteen.  The important thing is that he had a great day, and everyone else had fun, too.  Happy Birthday, John!

By the way, let’s see if you can figure out how many times the words ‘Lego’ or ‘Legos’ were used in this post!

Lots of chocolate for John!