Why We Face Trials

Why do we face trials in our lives? We know that God is good and that He invariably does what is best for us, so how is it that trials and challenges benefit us spiritually?

Take a second and think about one of the greatest stories you’ve ever read (or seen in a movie). What made it great? These elements were certainly a huge part of it:

-Story was shaped by real conflict that profoundly affected the characters’ lives

-A satisfying resolution, probably one that gave you a sense of victory won and challenges overcome

-Character development and character growth

Any storyteller knows that there must be conflict in order for a plot to exist. Now, God is the Author of life itself. He is the Master Storyteller. And the story He’s writing? Your life.

There must be conflict for there to be a resolution. When trials exist in our lives, we have the opportunity to experience God’s faithfulness in those trials, and afterwards to experience His greatness when we emerge victorious through Christ. If you are surrendered to God and walking with Him, then every challenge is a future victory to look forward to.

Storytellers also know that conflict provides an opportunity for character development. It gives the character a chance to respond, to learn, and to grow. God does the same thing through conflict, and the character He’s developing is your character. Through trials, you will learn and grow in ways that you couldn’t have without them.

It’s an incredible story He’s writing, isn’t it?