How Relationship Strengths Relate to our Relationship with God

We each relate to others differently. Maybe you love thoughtful conversations. Maybe you are good at figuring out what other people are thinking or what they want. Maybe you don’t talk much to others, but communicate through actions.

I’m laying this out to make a point. Whatever your strengths in relating to people, they were given to you by God. But here’s the thing: we can use them not only to understand and know people better, but also to know God better.

If you are great at picking up what people want or are feeling, are you as sensitively attuned to what God wants? Or would it take a burning bush for Him to get your attention?

If you can dive into a deep topic of conversation, is your prayer life equally thoughtful? Or is it filled with pleasantries, stand-by phrases, and platonic statements?

If you are great at doing things for others, do you put effort into doing things for God? Or are the things you do for Him rushed and incomplete?

Whatever your strengths in relationships, apply them to your relationship with God. Interestingly, when we choose to pursue God in this way and in others, we find that He is actually easier to get to know than people are. (Understanding Him is a different matter . . . He is transcendent, after all.) Unlike people, God never conceals His nature or will from us. He revealed Himself to us and wants us to keep learning more about Him. He gave you these strengths so you could deepen relationships. Use them to deepen your relationship with God.